EC – Council

MetaPi Private Limited is an approved and accredited partner with EC–Council. EC – Council’s certifications are one of the hottest picks for IT security professionals pursuing a career in penetration testing. However, it’s often overlooked as a viable certification option by most information security pros. Although the certification is a must-have for penetration testers, its benefits are not limited only to this small niche of professionals.

Some of the EC – Council exams are relatively new credentials in the IT certification industry, but their importance and influence have grown quickly. Provided by EC-Council, the CEH exam was the first certification to bring the so-called dark side of IT into the limelight. Before the CEH exam, no certification taught the methods and tools that hackers use to penetrate computer systems. The CEH exam focuses on how hackers find and exploit vulnerabilities. The course includes everything from the tools of the trade to ethics.

What many security professionals do not yet realize is that the benefits of studying for and achieving these certifications stretch beyond the field of penetration testing and into everyday network and application security. In addition to meeting the regulatory standards for employment for many top security positions, you can gain a wealth of knowledge that is otherwise not easy to obtain.

In partnership with Pakistan Software Export Board, MetaPi currently offering the following trainings for certification.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)